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I'm glad you are here and are interested in the many benefits massage can offer to your health.  At Tree of Life Massage & Wellness, my goal is to tailor your massage to your individual needs and preferences while promoting, enhancing, and maintaining your quality of life.

Pain relief is my specialty.  My clients typically have a specific concern or pain that needs addressed during their massage.  Because of this, I usually focus on the areas needing the most work.  I tend to have a firm pressure and use a variety of techniques including accupressure, compression, trigger point release, stretching & range of motion movements.  Often, I will give advice on ways to stretch or relax areas of tension at home, so you can get relief in between appointments.

You can expect a thorough medical history & evaluation before your massage in order to provide you with the most therapeutic bodywork.  I am also committed to educating my clients and the community about alternative healthcare options.  My general philosophy is to try the least invasive route first when deciding how to deal with most health concerns. 

My office is conveniently located just off Western & 45th in Amarillo, Texas.  Contact me for an appointment @ 806-223-4570.  I'd love to show you how massage can improve your quality of life. 

Randi Gutierrez, LMT#112580


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